To quickly scale our business and capture market share, the company “Autoflot” requires multimillion-dollar investments that we take from the current profits of the company, part of the capital we take as loan commitments from banks and another part of the capital we attract from private investors.

An example of our business model on one economy class car for Yandex.Taxi:

Total: 748 200 rubles investment is required in order to run one car for our fleet, each item of our costs is taken into account with a wholesale discount, as we serve several thousand cars, for example, for an ordinary person, the launch of one car would cost about 1 100 000 rubles.

For private investors, we offer three types of investment plans with income from 1.8% to 2.8% per day, the term of the Deposit is unlimited, that is, we will work with your money until you decide to take them, unfreeze the Deposit and pick up the funds you can at any time by clicking the appropriate button in your account “Unfreeze”:

The raised capital from individuals we invest exclusively in the expansion of the fleet, that is, every dollar of investors is secured by a pledge as a highly liquid car, in case of financial crisis (which for 4 years of work was not), our company will be able to sell cars on the secondary market and compensate investors / investments.

In addition, each car is insured CASCO insurance company ROSGOSSTRAKH, in the event of a serious accident, car theft and other force majeure, as soon as possible, the insurance company will compensate for all costs. Our company has an impeccable reputation among its employees, partners, investors, we do not have any court case or public proceedings, these data you can check on the Internet.

Investments from private investors we accept only in dollars, that is, when replenishing the balance in rubles, your funds will be converted into dollars according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank, this is done because today the ruble is a very volatile currency, and if tomorrow the ruble exchange rate will rise means that the cost of starting one car will increase proportionally, but if we store your savings in dollars then the rise in price will not threaten us.