About Us

The company "Auto Fleet" - owns a fleet of cars Yandex.Taxi in six regions of Russia. For four years, our team specializes in the development of its fleet and infrastructure for its maintenance, during which time we managed to create a stable working system: buying a car, maintenance, service, search and control of the driver, insurance, and the final stage - the sale of the car in the secondary market.

About the market.

The turnover of the taxi market in Russia in 2018 633 billion rubles, which is almost twice more than in 2014, the rapid development of the market is due to the IT technology aggregators Yandex taxi, Uber, Gett, etc. simplify the process of ordering and waiting time of the machine with the help of mobile applications have become factors of increasing the number of taxi users in the country and the number of completed travel. As a result of the expansion of taxi aggregators, the average downtime and idle run of cars were reduced. This led to a reduction in the cost of gasoline and reduce the cost of the trip. The increase in the share of short trips was also a factor in reducing the average taxi fare.

About our development.

We started our scaling from several hundred cars to a holding with a fleet of thousands of vehicles, having successfully worked for four years, we can confidently talk about the success of our business and readiness to attract private capital.

Especially for this, we have developed a “System of shared ownership” through which everyone can become our investor and earn a stable, passive income.

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