Investments in equity ownership of the car Yandex.Taxi from 1$

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income from 1.8% to 2.8% daily!
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About company

The company "Auto Fleet" - owns a fleet of cars Yandex.Taxi in six regions of Russia. For four years, our team specializes in the development of its fleet and infrastructure for its maintenance, during which time we managed to create a stable working system: buying a car, maintenance, service, search and control of the driver, insurance, and the final stage - the sale of the car in the secondary market.

We started our scaling from several hundred cars to a holding with a fleet of thousands of vehicles, having successfully worked for four years, we can confidently talk about the success of our business and readiness to attract private capital.

Especially for this, we have developed a “System of shared ownership” through which everyone can become our investor and earn a stable, passive income.

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How auto Fleet investments work

Open an account after a simple registration procedure, for this you will receive your first investment capital of $ 5.
Top up your balance with the amount you want to invest to get a daily, passive income.
Open a Deposit and watch your profit grow every day, also follow our news.
Don't worry: your money is in safe hands and you can withdraw your profits at any time.


The minimum amount of car purchase for Yandex.Taxi about 770 000 rubles, but especially for our investors, we have developed a convenient system of deposits through which the investor even with a small amount can be a co-owner of the car that will make a profit every day: 1.8% economy class car, 2.2% Comfort class, 2.8% Business class. In this case, if you urgently need to withdraw funds, you can do it at any time.





Expected results by 1 day

You can earn without investing

If you do not have equity, but you want to earn and be a co-owner of Yandex cars.Taxi you can become our partner and actively participate in the development of our company, for this we will pay you cash bonuses that you can withdraw for personal needs or receive passive income.

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Security and stability


“AutoFleet” - investment service fractional ownership car Yandex.Taxi. Services are provided by the company “Auto Fleet” put on tax accounting in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, a legal entity LLC “ATHENA”, INN: 7708354070, OGRN: 1197746418319.

When opening an account on the website with each investor is a loan agreement which spelled out the obligations of the investor and the borrower represented by LLC “ATHENA” 129090 Russia, Moscow, Zhivarev lane, 8, building 3, room 7, office 28.

Every dollar of all investors of the company “Auto Fleet” is provided with cars of our fleet, in case of financial crisis (which for 4 years was not), our company will be able to sell cars in the secondary market and compensate investors.

In addition, each car is insured CASCO insurance company ROSGOSSTRAKH, in the event of a serious accident, car theft and other force majeure, as soon as possible, the insurance company will compensate for all costs.

Our company has an impeccable reputation among its employees, partners, investors, we do not have any court case or public proceedings, these data you can check on the Internet.